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Supplement your IT Team

Ensuring there are enough available personnel on site to complete the job is vital for any business and their clients. To achieve this successfully, many corporations are now enlisting the help of third parties by contracting out a business function or project task to these external providers. The benefits in doing so include quicker time to market, improved quality, access to specialised talents and cost savings amongst others.

There are a number of reasons why you may need to increase your IT personnel on a temporary basis such as the introduction of new IT processes and systems, recent acquisition of new business or a new project, over ambitious original estimates, lack of task clarity or unforeseen personal circumstances for existing employees. Our services are flexible enough to suit your requirements whether it is a one-time need or an ongoing project.

Extraordinary Customer Service
Our IT professionals believe that extraordinary customer service is not a collection of words but a set of consistent actions and behaviours. Everything we do is directed at delighting our customers, by always delivering on our promises. We can work with your IT Department or Project Manager to ensure the efficient and effective deployment of extra IT personnel when and only when the business goals require them.

Our Key Experience
Our experience has been gained in a number of wide-ranging working environments which include financial institutions, government departments, manufacturing environments, assurance corporations, telecommunications industries, medical systems manufacturers, online service providers and consumer electronics.

Our key experience lies in the following areas:
– Project Management
– Software Test Management
– Software Testing
– Software Support Management
– End-User Training and Support
– Business Analysis (Requirements Extraction and Documentation)
– Technical Writing (Information Development)
– Application / Information Analysis and Reporting
– IT Process Management


Establish Your Webspace

Website design need not necessarily be as expensive as you think! The key to marketing your services effectively on a web site revolves around explaining what you do and how your potential clients will benefit. We provide professional but affordable website design for small or medium business.

We tailor designs to your business needs and aspirations. Together with our webhosting partners, we can help you establish a web presence which acts as a 24 hours per day world-wide marketing service for you and your business. We can work with you to ensure this web presence will provide potential clients with enough information and benefits that will differentiate your services from your competitors.

Getting Your Business Online
The process may seem confusing but this no longer has to be the case. In fact, the steps in establishing your private or business website are very similar to establishing a business or shop to sell your goods or services. First, you establish your “Business Name” and register it. Then, you need to find a premises to conduct your business from and finally, you need to kit out the premises so that you display the goods and services you want to sell.

To establish a private or business presence on the Internet you will need to follow a similar process as that for establishing a business:
Web Name Registration – You will need to register your “Domain Name” so that you can be found on the Internet. We work with you to ensure the name chosen is relevant to your business and both simple to use and remember.
Website Hosting – Next, you need a premises for your domain name called a “Web Hosting Company” which will store and hold the information of your internet site. Once that is done, when someone wants to find you they simple enter your domain name address in their browser address line to display your web site and the information concerning it.
Website Design and Maintenance – Finally, you need to “Kit out your Web Presence”. We can work with you, to create the pages of information specific to the goods or services provided by you and/or your business.

Keeping It Simple
We follow this simplified process so that establishing a presence on the World Wide Web can be achieved in a very timely and efficient manner. In fact, we have helped clients to establish a very simple but effective web presence in less than 48 hours. To obtain further information on how Níos Fearr can assist you or your organisation, please contact us now.

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